Wiping the Cobwebs From my Sewing Machine

I've neglected my sewing machine to the point of considering selling it. Truth be told.... I am not the best at sewing. I do have a passion for fabric arts/crafting and that is how I ended up purchasing the sewing machine in the first place! If you haven't caught on from the previous post, I am on a mission to declutter not just my craft room, but my life. About a week or so ago I started weeding through my fabric hoard. I have a chest of drawers with six drawers that where so full I could hardly close them. I went through each drawer with my friends to share what I wasn't going to use. I made a conscience decision to actually start using the three drawers of fabric I was left with. I decided to start making items with my fabric and sewing machine that other people could actually use. 

I have made these pretty and removable composition notebook covers before and they have gotten a wonderful response. Please follow this link to a tutorial on how to make one of your own:

I have made a couple that will soon be listed in my Zibbet shop, follow this link to my store to check out the current inventory:


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