Let's Alter a Corset

Hi everyone!! I have been busy decorating some corsets. I have been sharing them a few places and have been asked many times where to get the corset. I decided I would share what I do. This isn't just for corsets, you can do this with any shape. I just google what ever shape I am looking for, in this instance, I googled "corset template" and all sorts popped up. Here is one I chose to share with you. You can size it to whatever size you need and print it out and then copy the pattern onto chipboard (cereal and cracker boxes are great for this!).

Here are a couple of the corsets I created!

I also created a tutorial for this one. Follow this link to the video tutorial:

You can find these and my other works of art for sale in my Zibbet shop:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you give this a try!


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