Stockings on a Budget

Hi everyone! I am blessed to be a part of a crafty Facebook group called "Girls, Giggles, Glitter, and Glue"! They have put together an event where we are filling stockings and sending them to an assisted living center where some of my family are living. I am so excited about this! I wanted to make several cute stockings for this event, but that can get time consuming and costly. Here is my solution to that!! I purchased .98 cent stockings and I am altering them.

I decided to do ruffles on this one. I LOVE ruffles!! I began by making strips of fabric that were 3"X12"

Then I ironed all of the edges in about 1/4", and then folded it in half and ironed it again.

I inserted a running stitch close to the open edge

and then pulled the thread to create a ruffle to fit the stocking. Then I glued it down.

I repeated this process with the other layers gluing them down just underneath the previous ruffle.

I finished off with one of my handmade flowers! It turned out so cute!

I am excited about getting started on some more :)


  1. Stephanie B's Creative Designs here. There are too cute for words!!!!


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