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New Live Classes Coming!

Hi everyone!! I am excited to announce that I will be live every Thursday at 1pm EST on my YouTube channel: Amylove!   It is a new series that will be called Art Journal Play Thursday! I was so inspired by Stacy Evans Mixed Media Mashup and I drew upon her example in many ways. When I work in my art journal, I usually have a concept before I begin. There are days when I feel completely uninspired and just want to play. This is an exercise to help me do just that. To start a page without a concept at all, just follow the prompts!!

I will be simply pulling these randomly from a jar and doing whatever it says. I am not using all of the prompts Stacy suggests and I threw in a couple of my own. Here is the list I am starting with and I am sure I will add to it over time: Acrylic Paint Ink Markers Emboss Texture Paste Gesso Collage Add Texture Add Sparkle Add Text Sprays Doodle or Draw Stamp Finger Paint Add Strips of Paper Add Splatters or Drips Stencil Add Dimension  Markers or Pens Add …

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